Freelance Web Design (since 2000)

in Cape Town..., of course!

Why Custom Developments?

Prospective Web Site owners often expect that their requirements for a Web Site or Portal are out of the ordinary. In many cases that is true. But, Go4Internet may be able to provide you with exactly what you require at a fraction of the cost of a from-the-ground-up development.

Programming experience since the early nineties and web application design experience since 2001, affords Go4Internet with some of the knowledge that you need to make an informed decision about your site.

With JOOMLA, if that's the way we decide to go, most if not all "special" requirements our clients may have, are available in pre-programmed extensions. Many of these are free!

What are some of these requirements clients request? Difficult question to answer quickly. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands. As the web grows, more needs surface, and the technology to address them appears. So we can assure clients that whatever they want their site to do, we have as yet not found any that cannot be done.