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Go-4-Internet Revamp

Go-4-Internet's slogan has always been: "where you don't have to pay more to get the best service". Never before has it been more achievable than now!

Since the early '90s, Peet Blanckenberg was committed to provide computer solutions to SME's, ranging from small retailers, local authorities to national corporates and international NPO's. As technology progressed, the need to specialize periodically caused re-structuring and renaming of the business entities in which he provided service.

After developing custom desktop software for almost a decade, Peet re-aligned with global trends and focused on internet solutions. That marked the beginning of Go4Intenet in 2001! An artist to his core, computerised graphic design came naturally. Having been an old-fashoined signwriter before, shifting to online advertising was easy. Web design was the way to go!

Soon the programmer from the previous decade re-emerged and custom web applications and content management systems served clients near and far. Acquiring reseller status for the South African national company Atlantic Internet Services (PTY) Ltd. in 2003, paved the way for a 1-stop internet-solution package.

In 2009, Peet discovered JOOMLA! Amazed, he immediately started to recommend JOOMLA! to existing and new clients. This open-source Content Management System (CMS) incorporated every feature and function Go4Internet has spent years developing for clients, including every feature and function we only dreamt about. Free of charge! No development fees. Clients only pay setup fees and graphic design fees. The largest chunk of the costs of a custom development has been disposed of. Adding to that, clients are satisfied that they use a system that is supported by tens of thousands of professionals around the world, where before, buying custom software meant a marriage with that particular development team.

Now, in 2011, with the internet firmly established in the marketing and communication strategies of even the smallest of companies, young and aggressively marketing web design companies aim at saturating every nook and cranny of the market, locally and globally. Once again it became time for Peet to re-invent and distinguish himself - with the loads of experience and the knowledge-base gathered over two decades - from the strings of start-up companies competing for slices of the growing internet pie.

Extensive online research indicates that the willingness of web-design clients to retain the services of an independant, freelance professional is growing. Such individuals streamline the communication process, tends to provide quicker results, are generally much cheaper than larger companies, while exhibiting pride in the work and services they deliver. Communication is more on a direct and personal level. In most cases the workload on the designer is a bit smaller resulting in faster completion of a project. The pride the freelance individual displays in his/her work is played off against the presupposed security of dealing with a larger established company.

After his latest re-structuring, Peet now delivers the same service levels, remarkable designs, and consulting he was known for in the past, but as an individual freelance internet consultant/web designer. Overheads are being cut. Communication is being simplified. Workload is being streamlined. And the result...? A more relaxed, more creative and more accessible professional emerges.

Finally, Go4Internet's slogan has always been: "where you don't have to pay more to get the best service". Never before has it been more achievable than now!

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